Experts Supplies and Technical Services

A shooting range is a specialized facility designed for the practice and testing of firearms. It can be indoor or outdoor, and usually designed for a specific purpose or type of firearms. The design and building of a shooting range involves technologies and different administrative services and safety measures, driven by the right engineering and experience in the field.

Experts Supplies and Technical Services (ESTS) is a company with this type of experience, providing construction, maintenance, logistics, and management for shooting ranges and their facilities. In addition, the company provides a wide range of solutions in Security, Access Control, Long Range CCTV Microwave Surveillance, Long Range Thermal Imaging, Command & Control Specialist Vehicles and Local Area Surveillance.

Material Supply

  • Radar systems
  • Electronics
  • Communication systems

Professional Training

  • Radar knowledge
  • Communication training
  • Manpower pooling

Technical Services

  • Radar maintenance
  • EADS test & service
  • Planning & purchasing