Experts Services

Construction, Maintenance, and Management:

Constructions and Design

  • Strafe cloth target range
  • Wooden target range
  • Dummy targets (cars, military tanks …..) Fiber or wooden made.
  • Airport simulation range targets
  • Metal structure and metal targets
  • Wooden military towers
  • Underground military shelters and check points
  • Container shape targets
  • Urban village
  • Sam station targets
  • Radar station target


We maintain all of our construction projects until they are safe and ready for use.


  • Management of all the work location and working teams and coordinate between all the parties in the range to a certain level of authority.
  • Taking all the necessary measures, from construction and logistics point of view, to maintain the time fame of all the working teams and the military schedule, avoiding delays and mistakes, as we follow the range safety procedures, and work to coordinate and report to the RSO.
  • Providing all the technical and logistical support to all military divisions
  • Air force Services
  • Air defense Services
  • Land force Services
  • And other forces through the RSO.

Experts Services

In addition to offering security products and technology consulting, Experts Suppliers and Technical Services (ESTS) facilitates effective training programs for defence personnel and employeesworking in similar capacities at various departments, companies, and government agencies.

Our training programs, delivered by experts in the industry, provide first-class information on all important aspects of using sophisticated security equipment. Xperts' instructors are highly qualified individuals with years of industry relevant experience recruited from around the world.

Our excellent training programs impart explicit information on using high-level equipment including:

  • communication systems
  • Electronics
  • Military Air Systems
  • EADS test & Service

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